The Company is a producer of food ingredients that support our customers to shape their product and business. In addition to maintaining food safety and trustworthiness, we are strengthening our systems to ensure a stable supply of superior quality products, both domestically and internationally.
In line with our quality policies of "think from the customer perspective", "quality first", and "compliance with laws and ordinances," we implement a quality management system at all of our production facilities in Japan and overseas, including our own plants and affiliate company plants, in continually working to improve quality.

Quality Policy

We contribute to the realization of a sustainable and enriched society through our business in the life sciences.

  • We aim to become a company that satisfies all stakeholders, including clients, employees, and shareholders. We provide the high value-added products sought by customers, together with reliable information.
  • We promote close internal and external collaboration and foster continuous improvement in every step of the process, from R&D to procurement of raw materials, production, and distribution. We consistently provide safe products developed using the technological capabilities we have cultivated.
  • All products and services we handle are in compliance with relevant laws, ordinances, and regulatory requirements in order to earn the trust of our customers.

Quality Verification and Assurance through the Food Chain

From procurement of raw materials to shipment to customers, we have developed a system that enables us to deliver safe and trusted products all around the world based on the food chain concept.

  • Check raw materials
    To supply safe and high quality products, we determine whether or not to utilize raw materials through our own audits of raw material manufacturers and through an analysis of the quality of our raw materials.
  • Manage production situation, improve production sites
    We work with production sites to maintain sound production processes and improve production sites, through developing a quality control system to ensure the production of safe and high quality products in all steps of the process, from receipt of raw materials to manufacturing and shipment.
  • Quality verification of products
    We analyze the components and parameters set for each product, such as microorganisms, to ensure the quality of the products we produced comply with laws, ordinances, and our own specifications. In addition, our staff performs a comprehensive evaluation of "tastiness," a property that cannot be measured by machinery, before making the final decision on shipment.
  • Quality assurance
    For the purpose of delivering safe and high quality products to our customers, we establish appropriate sell-by dates, create a table of quality test results, and utilize a traceability system that can trace the process from raw materials, production, to delivery.

Component Analysis and Sensory Testing System

Palatability and other factors are thought to make objective evaluations of food taste challenging. More scientific evaluations of food taste can be made possible by combining a sensory testing method and an instrumental analysis technique.
In sensory testing, our staff performs a comprehensive evaluation of "tastiness," a property that cannot be measured by component analysis using machinery, so that we can manage the quality of our products.