With food under close scrutiny from safety and trustworthiness perspectives, the Company strictly controls its raw materials and production processes to ensure continuing production of safe, high quality products.
We maintain a high level of control at our domestic and global facilities to deliver trustworthy products that customers around the world can use with confidence.

Nikko Plant Tsuchiura Plant Miyoshi Plant Fuji Plant KOHJIN Life Sciences Co., Ltd. (Saiki Plant) Ohland Foods Company, Limited MC Freeze Drying Foods Company, Limited MCLS (China) Inc. MC-Towa International Sweeteners Co., Ltd. PT. Fermentech Indonesia PT. Centram Qingdao Kyowa Wanfu Foods Co., Ltd. PT. Sorini Towa Berlian Corporindo


Tsuchiura Plant Liquid/powder seasonings, fermented flavor, bakery quality-improving agent, yeast extract, brown sugar, organic acid, etc.
Nikko Plant Brewed seasonings, hon-mirin, ethanol-based disinfectants
Fuji Plant Polyols (sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol), food additive, pharmaceutical raw materials, polyol high-functional products
Miyoshi Plant Liquid/powder seasonings, fermented seasonings, powder polysaccharides


KOHJIN Life Sciences Co., Ltd. (Saiki Plant) Yeast extract, fermented functional materials (glutathione, etc.)
Ohland Foods Company, Limited Frozen donuts, sweet pastries and other bakery items
MC Freeze Drying Foods Company, Limited Freeze dried foods, brewed seasonings, liquid seasonings
MCLS (China) Inc. Blended seasoning, HVP, bakery quality-improving agent, thickener, etc.
MC-Towa International Sweeteners Co., Ltd. Polyols (maltitol)
PT. Fermentech Indonesia Nucleic acid, curdlan
PT. Centram Polysaccharide texturant (carrageenan)


Qingdao Kyowa Wanfu Foods Co., Ltd. Freeze dried foods
PT. Sorini Towa Berlian Corporindo Polyols (sorbitol)

Safety and Good Quality Control Mechanisms

We have achieved international standards—ISO9001(*1) and FSSC22000(*2) —in order to enforce thorough quality and safety control at our production locations in Japan and overseas, including our plants and the plants of our affiliate companies, including Tsuchiura Plant, Nikko Plant, Fuji Plant, Miyoshi Plant, KOHJIN Life Sciences Co., Ltd. (Saiki Plant), MC Freeze Drying Foods Company, Limited, PT. Fermentech Indonesia, MC-Towa International Sweeteners Co., Ltd., and PT. Sorini Towa Berlian Corporindo.
In addition, Fuji Plant and KOHJIN Life Sciences Co., Ltd. (Saiki Plant) have established mechanisms for managing GMP(*3) and other standards to enforce thorough quality. Tsuchiura Plant undergoes periodical assessments and inspections by external third party organizations on AIB Food Safety Program(*4) and other standards.

  1. ISO9001:
    Management system international standard for providing products and services of the required level of quality and raising customer satisfaction.
  2. FSSC22000 (Food Safety System Certification):
    Food safety management system that expands on the ISO22000 international standard on food safety management system.
  3. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice):
    Manufacturing process management standards to ensure a product is being safely manufactured to an identified quality standard throughout the process from receipt of raw materials to production and shipment.
  4. AIB Food Safety Program:
    Factory floor-oriented manufacturing process management standards proposed by the American Institute of Baking (AIB).

Examples of Certifications



FSSC 22000