Product development to meet customer needs

In developing and researching products, we keep in close contact with the sales division to get a sense of customer feedback as well as the needs and issues that customers do not realize themselves, and conduct various R&D day-to-day in order to develop new product solutions.

Examples of products we developed

AROMAWAY™ is a yeast seasoning that has been made by using the Company's unique manufacturing method to wholly age and decompose yeast and bacterial cells obtained from continuous culturing of large fermenters.The product contains umami ingredients, such as amino acids and nucleotides, as well as an abundance of peptides that impart heartiness, polysaccharides, phospholipids, and more. It can add richness and high-impact tastes to foods.

SOURD™ MOIST is a bakery fermented flavor enhancer jointly developed by the Company and BÖCKER, a German ferment manufacturer.The polysaccharides in this product can maintain bread softness and moistness and mask powder odor and the aging odor of starch. Through R&D, the Company has selected lactic acid bacteria that generate polysaccharides and established optimal conditions for generating polysaccharides.

The Company has carried out research and development focusing on D-amino acids’ effects in mitigating sharp tastes, such as that of salt and vinegar, and in merging the flavor of food products as a whole. Our brewed seasoning product AJIMATOME™ DJ containing D-amino acids is the product of this R&D. With an ability to maintain flavor balance, AJIMATOME™ DJ is an ideal fermented seasoning for customers struggling with existing seasonings that mitigate sharp tastes but change the flavor balance.

Extensive food evaluation technologies

Palatability and other factors are thought to make objective evaluations of food taste challenging. We have combined a sensory testing method and an instrumental analysis technique to enable more scientific evaluations of food taste.
We use analyzing technologies, based on a wealth of knowledge gained through manufacturing a variety of food items, to develop new products and help address the issues of our customers.

Quality Initiatives

Initiatives for the future

As part of our R&D initiatives for the future, we establish opportunities for researchers to create new synergies by pooling each other’s strengths, holding discussions, and conducting reviews, and generate ideas that are not bound by existing frameworks.

Sample Activities

Proposal Session
These sessions aim to identify seeds of future research and development and achieve major outcomes by having all researchers share ideas and review new materials, their utilization methods, and new businesses in categories of their specialty or interest.

Workshops, while also promoting mutual interactions, are designed to create new value by having junior researchers at the research facilities work together in groups and consider, make proposals, and present on designated themes from a variety of angles, making use of the wealth of expertise and ideas of the researchers.