The Three Corporate Principles - Corporate Responsibility to Society; Integrity and Fairness; and Global Understanding Through Business

The Three Corporate Principles

The Three Corporate Principles are the foundation of the vision and strategy for our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Corporate Responsibility to Society
(Shoki Hoko)

Strive to enrich society, both materially and spiritually, while contributing towards the preservation of the global environment.

Integrity and Fairness
(Shoji Komei)

Maintain principles of transparency and openness, conducting business with integrity and fairness.

Global Understanding Through Business
(Ritsugyo Boeki)

Expand business, based on an all-encompassing global perspective.

(The modern day interpretation of the Three Corporate Principles, as agreed on at the Mitsubishi Kinyokai meeting of the companies that constitute the so-called Mitsubishi group in January 2001.)


Powered by life sciences, we explore flavor, health and beauty for the well-being of all people and a sustainable global environment.

Corporate Standards of Conduct

  1. Aim of Corporate Business Activities
    Through its business activities, Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences will endeavor to increase its value. At the same time, the company will strive to enrich society in all ways, creating and providing high quality, safe, and useful products and services.
  2. Fairness and Integrity in Corporate Business Activities
    Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences will continue to develop its business activities in compliance with all relevant laws, international regulations and internal rules. The company will act responsibly and will respect the highest social standards.
  3. Respect for Human Rights and Employees
    Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences will respect human rights and will not engage in any discrimination. The company will preserve and improve its corporate strengths through the development of its employees, all the while respecting the character and individuality of each employee.
  4. Information Security and Disclosure
    While Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences will continue to develop, implement and improve the effectiveness of its information security management system, at the same time the company will disclose information accurately and in a timely fashion, so as to maintain transparency and be correctly understood by both its stakeholders and the general public.
  5. Consideration for Environmental Issues
    Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences understands that an enterprise cannot continue to prosper without consideration for its environmental performance, and will strive to protect and improve the global environment and pursue sustainable development through all aspects of its business activities.
  6. Contribution to Society
    As a responsible member of society, Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences will actively carry out philanthropic programs in an effort to promote the enrichment of society. Moreover, the company will support efforts of its employees to contribute to society.