On April 1, 2019, we consolidated Mitsubishi Shoji Foodtech, MC Food Specialties, and KOHJIN Life Sciences to launch Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences Limited. Our origin traces back to the food ingredient businesses of various companies. We leverage their respective histories and technologies to create new values in the field of food and health. As a member of the Mitsubishi Corporation Food Industry Group, we plan to work in cooperation with member companies of the Mitsubishi Corporation Group to offer delicious tastes founded on technologies which are one step in advance of the times to create an enjoyable and healthy food culture together with our customers.

The company provides high value to customers through our business divisions, namely, nutrition, savoury ingredients, extracted seasonings, umami seasonings (flavor enhancers), brewed seasonings & liquors, food materials & food additives, sweeteners, bakery specialties, and cosmetics. Our strength lies in our research and development ability, which allows us to produce new ingredients using fermentation and other technologies, as well as our ability to propose applications, aimed at resolving our customers’ problems through development and optimized combination of the various ingredients. By leveraging these abilities, as a leading producer of food ingredients in Japan, we will implement a value proposal business that speedily mobilizes expertise built up over our history to further enhance our ability to meet customer needs and increase the quality of our products, founded on our commitment to health, safety, trustworthiness, and great taste.

We are also aware that compliance is the most important social responsibility of a business enterprise and will engage in activities aimed at food safety and trustworthiness and also the preservation of the global environment through rigid control of raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences will continue to pursue its mission of contributing to the food (taste) and health of people not only in Japan but also around the world, by mobilizing our life science technologies. We look forward to the continuing support and patronage of our customers and stakeholders.

Representative Director & President

Hiroshi Fujiki