Our Intellectual Property Department strengthens the Company's ability to create intellectual property by supporting the development of inventions in the many fields of the Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences Group.
Furthermore, the Department makes efforts to ensure that strategic intellectual property measures are taken. For example, it acquires intellectual property for technologies that contribute to product differentiation, so that such technologies can become a driving force of the Company.
The Department also monitors and takes proactive actions against violations of intellectual property rights.


Patent applications are filed for inventions that are products of the Company's research and development. By acquiring robust rights to the inventions, we endeavor to achieve and maintain product differentiation and added value in the field of "food and health". In recent years, we have placed particular efforts on filing strategic patents with a view to global business expansion.
In addition, we support efficient research and development by managing patent information and studying and analyzing technology-related information.


By using trademarks, the Company seeks to develop and increase the value of its brands, and by extension, increase its corporate value.
In addition, we take proactive steps to combat counterfeit goods.

Examples of brands used by the Company (in the United States)

Product group Word mark Logo trademark
Umami Seasonings (Flavor Enhancers) "RIBOTIDE®"
Sweeteners "LESYS®" "AMALTY®"

Brand highlight: RIBOTIDE®

Umami seasoning RIBOTIDE® is a core product of the Company that has long contributed to the development of Japan's food industry.
RIBOTIDE® has had a trademark registration for many years. It was registered in Japan in 1965 and later also registered in more than 70 countries and regions around the world.
The Company will continue to strive to protect the RIBOTIDE® brand worldwide as we expand our business globally.