We offer yeast extracts, such as AROMILD™, the most versatile umami enhancer, and AJITOP™, flavor enhancer like MSG attempt, as well as hydrolyzed proteins and "koku-mi seasonings".
We also offer blended seasonings that combine amino acids, organic acids, and other ingredients to make them easy to utilize.

Main Categories

Yeast extracts and yeast
We offer yeast extracts that have a high content of selected components such as nucleic acids and L-monosodium glutamate, KOMI which is brewer’s yeast turned into an easy-to-use product, and various yeast extracts that combine the Maillard reaction technique.
In addition, we offer AROMAWAY™, a yeast extract with added benefits provided by the multiple components of yeast.

Hydrolyzed proteins
Our hydrolyzed proteins are made from vegetable and animal proteins using our unique acid hydrolysis technology.
In addition to the standard types, we also offer products with beef, chicken, and pork flavors made by adding a cooking process to the hydrolysis process. In 2018, AJIAID™, a new product that facilitates seasoning labeling, was added to the lineup.

"Kokumi seasonings"
Kokumi seasonings are seasonings that reproduce components that give foods their rich and hearty flavors.
These seasonings can be used for different purposes. They include: the first generation type containing pyrazine that imparts a rich flavor; the second generation type containing peptides that impart long-lasting heartiness; the third generation type containing Maillard reacted peptides that impart complex heartiness; and the fourth generation type containing D-amino acids that impart vintage mellowness.

Main Brands/Products

Yeast extracts

  • KOMI™
  • COOK-UP™

Hydrolyzed proteins

  • WA-3™
  • CH™
  • HPP™

"Kokumi seasonings"

  • HS-100, BS-100
  • PW-200, CP-200
  • MP-300, MP-310
  • MD-400, PD-400
  • A-3, P-3
  • NKM