Announcement about Trademark Infringement


KOHJIN Life Sciences Co.,Ltd.

It has been brought to our attention that the packaging of "akarameru", a powdered supplement product, bears the "KOHJIN" trademark on the back. The "KOHJIN" trademark of KOHJIN Life Sciences Co., Ltd. is registered in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries, and the trademark is well known among consumers as indicating goods in connection with our business. However, we have not granted the manufacturer or sellers of "akarameru" any right to use that trademark.
The use of "KOHJIN" on the packaging of powder supplement products has caused confusion in the market among both retailers and end consumers with respect to our products and/or business, which constitutes the infringement of our registered trademark. In order to prevent any health damage that might be caused by the infringing products and also to protect our exclusive right to use the registered trademark, we hereby announce that there is no association between "akarameru" and our business. Since, to the best of our knowledge, "akarameru" is promoted through e-commerce, we are urgently working on further measures to terminate the infringement by the manufacturer and sellers of "akarameru".